Experience a Beautiful Baseball Game in LA

The Los Angeles Dodgers: A Great Way For Tourists to Experience America

Most people are familiar with the team Los Angeles Dodgers, the premier baseball team representing Los Angeles, California in the Major league baseball (MLB). The dodgers have had a long and proud history where they won 6 World Series titles and 21 national league pennants. They are a team that have given the baseball world 12 rookie of the year during their 131 year existence. Originally named as Brooklyn Atlantics in the American Association in 1884. They were also among the first teams to recruit African-American players when they drafted Jackie Robinson in 1947 that heralded a racial movement in a (what was then) a very racist sport. San Francisco Giants are known as the rival of the team which dates back on the 19th century. But the most renowned arch nemesis of the Dodgers are the New York Yankees in the Major League Baseball. The two teams have fought eleven times in the World Series, and both are perpetually among the best teams in Major League Baseball.

The modern-day incarnation of the Dodgers resides in the Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles since 1962. Built in the Chavez ravine the stadium enjoys dry weathers which limits rainouts for a baseball game. With a capacity of 56000 people this stadium shares a similarly impressive history as the team. Constructed in 1959, it would take 3 years before the $179 million dollar (in 2014 money) stadium was completed. It was one of the last stadiums built for solely for the purpose of baseball and is the 3rd oldest park still in use and is also the 3rd largest capacity stadium in baseball Majors. Following modern improvements, the stadium remains to be amongst the top premise for major sporting events. Recent refurbishments include new HD screens for video boards and new sound systems are erected for better acoustics.

For fans of baseball culture, they might want to purchase discount dodgers tickets during one of their many games at the stadium. For tourists overseas who simply wish to experience American culture, they too might want to visit the stadium whether for stadium tour or for an actual baseball match. After all, baseball is a major cornerstone for American culture and society. Indeed, an American adventure trip without visiting at least one of the major league baseball’s stadiums means missing out on something fundamentally American. Get your discount Dodger tickets and include this historical landmark in your travels.

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