Fun, Mormons, Utah????

Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s Book of Mormon is a Fantastic Show

Mica, The Book of Mormon, is a musical that does not stage regularly, as exclusive as it is, when it does stage the response is always heart warming. Made and produced by the people who created South Park, probably the best known animated series after The Simpsons,the theater piece is truly unique. The Act I of the musical is set in a Missionary Training center in the state of Utah that is operated by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints or simply known as Mormons. At the given location, a good-looking missionary in training, Kevin, is devoted to his religion and the task of spreading it to other people through his active preaching practices. His fellow missionary Arnold, is somewhat of a nerd who finds it difficult to stay on his religious path and is actually a habitual liar as well. Soon, they both learn that they are getting a missionary task that they had been waiting for since quite sometime. The exciting part of the news is that their destination is not in the US, but instead, they have to travel to Uganda and try to convert as many locals as they can to the Mormon faith.

In Act II, Kevin and Arnold began their missionary work in the war ravaged African country. Arnold started to make up stories that incorporate the Mormon doctrine, including characters such as Darth Vader and the hobbits. The local people began to get interested, however, a nearby warlord suspected the new religion no less than a threat. Soon after, the plot proceeded to a complete musical mayhem. Written by Trey Parker, Matt Stone and Robert Lopez- Book of Mormon is a musical that will make you laugh, sob, contemplate and keep you immersed till the end. The odd and sharp humor that made Parker and Stone world known figures, is deeply rooted with the success of this theater piece. The rare ability to ridicule and praise at the same time is also a treasure that the duo possess. Satirical song writing had been their interest since the start of their careers almost two decades ago. The Book of Mormon represents the current pinnacle moment of their musical talent. Buy Book of Mormon tickets for a lifetime experience and witness a phenomenal musical that has been created by some of the most talented people working in show business and this niche today.

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