Most Popular Chicago Baseball Team

Chicago Cubs are Popular This Season

The Chicago Cubs are a well known Major League Baseball team with a long rich history. They’ve been playing at Wrigley Field since 1916 and have gained millions of adoring fans over the almost 100 year period. Besides their dedicated fans and Wrigley Field’s sentimental value, tourists from all over the world include watching a Cubs game at the top of their list of must do’s when visiting the windy city of Chicago, making the Cubs experience a bonafide tourist attraction. Since that is the case, it is going to be tough to get a hold of cheap Chicago Cubs tickets even if they have a game almost every other day. So what makes this team so special? The Cubs, over the years, have spawned an unlikely cult following for a team so well known for losing. But if you ask any Cubs fan, the team is even more famous for never quitting.

Recently, the Cubs lost to the Bucs despite the nice game play from Starlin Castro. Emilio Bonifacio had a great game as well but nothing really went as planned since they lost to the Bucs. They will next take on the Cardinals in a couple of days and the Yankees next Tuesday. Both of those teams are going to be tough so the Cubs better prepare for what promises to be a couple of games that will test their teamwork and players’ abilities. At the start of the season, Cubs players are looking to impress their coaches and fans by playing well. It does go noticed even if they don’t come away with the win.

The Cubs are favorites heading into their game against the Cardinals but they are underdogs in the game against the Yankees. However, anything can happen in the game of baseball especially if the weather is hot. The weather can affect the game of a major baseball player no matter how good he is. With that said, the Cubs will probably win a close game over the Cardinals. Their major players will deliver a nice performance worthy of playoff seeding. However, they will likely fall to the Yankees as they have a record of losing to stronger teams. They can learn a lot from the games they fail to win. Once they regroup and study their most challenging opponents’ strengths and weaknesses, the Cubs will play even better in their upcoming games. They will take on the Reds next Friday in what promises to be a good game as both teams are looking to gain momentum. In this game, I pick the Cubs to win a close one.

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