Orioles Updates


The Baltimore Orioles recently registered a win against the New York Yankees. With only one week into the season, the Orioles had scored only three or fewer runs in five of their first seven games. Baltimore fans were beginning to get demoralized prior to the Yankees game due to the team’s poor performance. But in this game against the Yankees, the Orioles registered 20 hits, which were their most in a game in just less than three years. They had one run fewer than the 14 they had scored in their previous four games combined. All of the nine Oriole players in the starting lineup had hits with eight of them having at least 2 hits. When it was all said and done, the Orioles had a great showing to match the Yankees horrible performance.

After losing five of their past six games, this victory now puts the Orioles in a position to win their first series of the year with a win in today’s final. Near the end of the game against the New York Yankees, some of the fans could not contain their excitement and ran onto the field, disrupting the game. The team’s center fielder Adam Jones was very vocal about fans running into the field. The player sounded very disappointed with the fans inability to carry themselves in an orderly manner.

Jones called for stiffer penalties for such offenders. He called it idiotic and plain stupid for a fan to run into the field. At some point, one of the fans hid behind Ryan Flaherty to protect himself from the oncoming security guard. After the game, Flaherty said that he found it funny, but his teammate Jones saw no humor in it.

It is clear that the Orioles have not started out very well. Losing five of their first seven games is not something acceptable to most Baltimore fans. But the win against the Yankees seems to have reenergized the Baltimore spirit. Fans are not yet alarmed by the disappointing start to the season, since heading into Tuesday, no other team in the division or rest of the league has been able to win more than four games. The Orioles have lacked roster flexibility and the offense has barely averaged three runs a game. The defense has however remained strong despite the loss of Manny Machado and J.J. Hardy. Expect the team to pick up form when these players return. The disappointing start is no indication of future performance. In fact, I’m backing the Orioles up to register a number of wins very soon. Buy Baltimore Orioles tickets and go watch the team play live.

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