Packers Injured Players Return This Season

Packers Have a Good Season To Look Forward To

Packers fans are going to be excited to see what a completely healthy Aaron Rodgers can do for his team. However, people may be worried about the fact that the Packers lost James Jones in free agency to the Oakland Raiders. Moreover, there is the concern that Rodgers does have a solid working relationship with Jordy Nelson, who has to stay healthy as well in order for the Packers to have a real shot in the NFL Central. His ankle problems have caused him to miss some games in the past. But with the proper conditioning the performance of Rogers and Nelson is not expected to disappoint.

The Packers also like what they got out of Jeff Lacy as a rookie out of Alabama. His running game is going to come into play and have a major impact later on in the season, particularly during the playoffs and during the colder weather when the games begin to slow down. The cheap Green Bay Packers tickets will also allow you to see an opportunistic defense with the likes of A.J. Hawk and Clay Matthews. It is interesting to see what kind of sack dances that Matthews will come up with this season after he successfully brings down the quarterback that he is rushing. The Packers are going to be changing their scheme around on the defensive side of the ball with their coordinator Dom Capers. Change is constant in the National Football League and people that buy cheap Green Bay Packers tickets will see constant adjustments being made in order to win games. The team should have some doubts about what is available to them at the tight end position.

The Packers have to take on less risk with regard to the defensive side of the ball and become more dependent on the work of their corners and safeties. Sam Shields and Micah Hyde are going to play a larger role on the team overall. Hyde has proven in the past that he may not need as much safety help over the top in comparison to what other cornerbacks around the league need. The Packers are going to be competitive, that fact is guaranteed. Make sure you’ve secured your seat and are sharing the thrill of the game with family and friends. There is nothing like sharing once in a lifetime moments with the people you care about the most.

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